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Since 1921, Vinicola Decordi has combined tradition and technology to produce over 20 million bottles per year. Each stage, from selection to packaging, aims at excellence, ensuring the highest quality wines.

vinicola decordi produzione artigianale

Artisanal production, modern refinement

The Vinicola Decordi is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation in the world of wine. Since 1921, we carefully select the best wines from all over Italy to create unique wines that enhance the characteristics of each variety.

Our factory in Motta Baluffi, one of the most modern in the industry, boasts an automated system and controlled by experienced technicians, which guarantee an efficient and quality production process.

From the careful selection of suppliers to the processing of wines, up to the latest bottling, each stage is treated in detail to obtain wines that satisfy the most demanding tastes

Production capacity

Vinicola Decordi has a production capacity of 500,000 bottles per week, equivalent to more than 20 million bottles per year.

The modern production plant allows great flexibility in the offer to customers: in addition to the production of still, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines, Vinicola Decordi produces and bottles organic wines, flavored drinks and wine-based cocktails, with the aim of satisfying every request.

This ductility is also reflected in the bottling phase: in fact, there’s the possibility of employing different bottle formats, from 0.375 cl to 1.5 L, passing through the classic 0.75 cl.

servizi assistenza clienti

Services and customer service

Experience at the service of the customer

A team of dedicated professionals is at the side of customers at every stage, from the choice of wines to the definition of packaging, from labelling rules to export practices.

We believe in productive flexibility and human values: each partner becomes a true member of the great Decordi family.

vinicola decordi macchinari controllo vini

Machinery and controls

Innovation in the art of wine

Our plant in Motta Baluffi impresses with its grandeur and efficiency. The entire production is automated, from the entry of empty bottles to the exit of the finished product, bottled and ready to be shipped.

To ensure the highest quality and safety, Vinicola Decordi has adopted an efficient bottling line that works through new generation plants managed by highly specialized operators. Here, each stage of production is subjected to strict controls, automatic and manual, which ensure a finished product ready to be sold.

vinicola decordi qualità artigianale vini


Vinicola Decordi has always placed quality at the heart of its corporate philosophy. In over 100 years of experience, research and investment, we have built a solid reputation based on two pillars:

  • Excellent products: fine wines that best express the territory and the Italian tradition.
  • Impeccable production: a strict control system that guarantees the highest quality at every stage.

The attention to the selection, the precise traceability of each production phase and the constant search for excellence translate into the Decordi brand: a symbol of quality and reliability that for over a century has made the history of Italian wine in Italy and in the world.

As proof of our commitment to quality, Vinicola Decordi is certified Global Standard for Food Safety Version 9 (Grade AA), IFS International Food Standard Version 8 (Higher Level) and ISO 14001.