Mission and vision

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Vinicola Decordi is a company that has made quality its main objective. Through passion, research and innovation, we are committed to bringing the best Italian wines to the table.

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The mission of Vinicola Decordi is to offer semi-sparkling wines, sparkling wines and in general wines of the Italian tradition in the national and international market. The principles that the company is inspired by are ductility and versatility, that is to say the ability to emerge and differentiate from the competition at any level such/ quantity and in the quality/ price ratio.

Strategic goals

Within these strategic lines of development based on the principles of total quality, the targets of Vinicola Decordi are:

  • Design and diversify product lines depending on the target market
  • Consolidate and increase market share
  • Identify the market and customer needs and provide products that meet demand ensuring adequate delivery service
  • Research and develop the best production technologies, also aimed at increasing efficiency in the use of energy and raw materials and reducing environmental impacts on the territory
vinicola decordi vision

Our vision

Our passion is to create wines that can tell the story of our family, our territory and our culture. For us, valuing tradition means always remembering what makes us unique, recognizing the strength that guides us in our work and in the innovations that allow us to improve ourselves day by day. Ultimately, appreciating our past is the real secret to falling in love with the future that lies ahead of us.

In the years to come, we want to be recognized as the Italian winery that, most of all, knows how to combine tradition and innovation to best express the character of our wines in the world, differentiating itself for the quality of the offer, for the accessibility of prices and respect for the environment.