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Ambassadors of Italian wine

If there is one great truth that we have learned in these years, it is that there is a perfect wine for every occasion. We love to highlight all the Italian wine diversity, making wines from various territories of our peninsula, to create products that meet the tastes and specific needs of each market

vinicola decordi innovatori della tradizione

Innovators of tradition

Automated production and strict controls allow us to bottle a large quantity of wines enhancing their quality and authenticity. Thanks to modern technologies and a meticulous production process, Vinicola Decordi is able to meet international demand while preserving the authenticity of its products. The efficient management of resources and attention to detail allow to maintain high quality standards of production, offering a wide range of high quality wines that represent the beauty and excellence of the territory.

A sustainable production philosophy

Our winery embraces sustainability in every production phase, working daily with a view to rationalising resources, favouring renewable energy and minimising waste. The website, designed with eco-sustainable criteria, represents the tangible commitment of the company in creating high quality wines with low environmental impact.

Product Lines

The variety of the wines covered covers almost the whole of the Italian wine offer, thanks to the wise ability of the Decordi family to have equipped the production of a huge flexibility, able to realize specific product lines, dedicated to individual markets and distributors.