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Vinicola Decordi is the story of a wine passion handed down from generation to generation, where family and tradition are always at the center of our work.

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Wine passion through generations

Our company was founded in 1921 and at the beginning it was a family-run tavern, where the Decordis served typical foods and wines of the lower Padania area. Here, Quirico Decordi senior made some red wine barrels, such as Fortana, Ancellotta and Lambrusco, ideal companions of local gastronomy.

The success of these wines encourages our family to devote more and more to wine, as much to start a small artisanal production, both by vinifying the
grapes of the area, and by selling bulk and bottled wines. During the 1950s we built our first major production facility.

Soon the activity grew, and the intercommunal trade extended in the neighboring provinces, both Lombardy and Emilia. 1964 is a year of great strides forward: we expand our factory and equip it with one of the first automatic bottling systems in existence, greatly increasing the pace of our production.

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Innovation and Export

The 70s are the turning point: Quirico Decordi, the grandson of our founder, enters the company and decides to respond to the new needs of the market by creating a new range of fine wines for catering. To meet the growing demands, we invest in technologies and in 1978 we have a new automatic bottling plant.

In the 80s began the first exports to Europe and America, which in the 90s also extended to Japan.
In 2005, the fourth generation of our family joined the company with the arrival of Alessandro Decordi, son of Quirico, while in 2010 we inaugurated our new production site, growing in our facility and opening up to all new markets in emerging countries.

The fourth generation of Decordi in the company was completed a little later, in 2017, with the entry of Giulia Decordi, sister of Alessandro.

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Deep roots, authentic connections

Despite the modern and prestigious location, we maintain the link with the places of our history: today we welcome our visitors and customers in our house, within the same structure where once stood our old tavern, where Quirico senior bottled wine for the villagers who stopped to drink a glass
with a good company.

Accompanying the typical dishes with the right wines, it recreates in an instant the atmosphere of a genuine tradition and an authentic connection with the territory and its flavors, which is still the hallmark of the company.