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The Vinicola Decordi is a story of family, passion and innovation. For over a century, we have been producing quality wines, exported all over the world, with the brand that bears our name.

tradizione famiglia genuina

Genuine tradition, authentic bond

Our passion for the art of wine is passed down through four generations. From Quirico Decordi senior, founder of the company in 1921, to the current management led by Quirico Decordi and his sons Alessandro and Giulia, the family has always been at the center of our business.

Over the years, our family tradition has been enriched with innovation: Vinicola Decordi has been equipped with modern and advanced systems, including a bottling line that guarantees quality, efficiency and traceability of every single bottle.

vinicola decordi tradizione genuina

Family modernity

Today, Vinicola Decordi offers a wide and diverse range of wines, including DOC and DOCG wines, IGT and varietal wines, sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, aromatized wines and beverages, liqueur wines, organic wines.

At the same time, our bond with the territory is stronger than ever. When we present Vinicola Decordi to our guests, the first step is always the one that leads to the places of our history: today our visitors and customers are welcomed and pampered in the family home Decordi, inside the same structure where once stood our old tavern.