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Those who have seen it in action can confirm that the plant used at the Motta Baluffi factory is as imposing
as it is efficient and precise. The entire production process is automated: from the entrance of a pallet of empty bottles to the release of the finished and packed product, properly stacked on pallets and ready for shipment or storage. Nothing gets by the double-checking process, which is initially carried out by the machinery itself, and subsequently by our specialized technicians. Every part of the production process is under strict control and is completely traceable. The Decordi Winery has equipped its Motta Baluffi’s facility with a highly-innovative, sterile bottling line, which is dedicated to ensuring the quality, hygiene and safety of the final product.
The wine is subjected to a micro-filtration process, which guarantees maximum hygiene without altering the flavour of the wine. The automatic checks that are carried out by the production-line machinery are subsequently verified by the company’s specialized technicians, who perform additional random checks upon the final product.



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