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Quality Policy

The MISSION of Vinicola Decordi is to offer wines of the Italian tradition in the domestic and foreign market. The principle to which the company is based is the flexibility and versatility, the ability to stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition at any level / quantity and quality / price ratio.
The Family Decordi believes that the pursuit of its objectives must be achieved in compliance with the legislation on environmental protection and in the adequate management of its environmental aspects, in order to reduce their impact on the territory. In this context, particular attention will be given to the continuous improvement of the efficiency in the field of raw materials and energy, the waste and packaging production, water resource consumption.
The company's management is committed to set targets for improvement in accordance with this policy, to implement and maintain the quality system active for achieving them, in compliance with health and product specifications, the ethical principles to the employees of the company, all in a sustainable development perspective.

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