Cultural and wine&food tourism: that is what you will find in the city of violins.
Cremona area can offer different activities that are suitable for the whole family, such as theme parks for children, walking and biking trails, many monuments and museums to visit.
The City will allow you to admire important historical testimonies, to learn some of the “know how” of the luthiers’ art and to enjoy the peaceful countryside, where water and land intertwine creating charming landscapes.  
You can look at the rooftops getting up the tower of Cremona (called Torrazzo), challenging the dizziness to admire the city’s panorama. You can touch with your hand what has made this city famous all over the world by visiting the Violin Museum, featuring unique pieces from Antonio Stradivari’s collection.
To the city tour, you can add the experience of a mini-cruise on the river Po… and if all this has not yet fascinated you enough, let yourself get caught by the throat by entering in one of the many bakeries and pastry shops and indulge in a taste of the Christmas dessert par excellence: torrone! However, restricting to sweetness would be a shame, so let yourself get involved in a tasting of local cheeses, such as Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano and Provolone DOP, to accompany the traditional mustard and the delicious cold cuts.

Visit the website to discover many other interesting activities to organize your tour in Cremona.

To visit:
- The Tower (Torrazzo) of Cremona
- The Cathedral (Duomo)
- The Violin Museum
- The Civic Museum Ala Ponzone
- Ponchielli Theatre

Where to sleep:
-    Delle Arti Design Hotel
-    Locanda Torriani
-    Hotel Continental
-    Hotel Impero
-    Hotel Astoria
-    La Clochette

Where to eat:
-    Hosteria 700
-    Ristorante Il Violino
-    Locanda degli Artisti
-    Locanda Torriani
-    Ristorante dal Pescatore
-    La Clochette
-    Osteria La Sosta

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