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Quality and Excellence

Like the Decordi Family, those who have a long tradition of winemaking experience know that the difference is in the quality of the product. The Decordi Winery has always been aware of the market conditions, and has always strived to make the most of innovations, in order to quickly adapt them to the demands of the market. In almost 100 years of business, research and investments, the company has earned its name and credibility through two main factors: the first is the product, the wine; the second is a series of features that provide for a product of exceptional quality. A skillful selection of grapes and wines, the detailed traceability of each stage of production, the constant dedication to absolute quality throughout the entire bottling process: all of this is incorporated into the Decordi brand name, a brand that comes from afar and has been writing the history of Italian world-wide for nearly a century, always ensuring the maximum quality and excellence of the final product.

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