Vinicola Decordi

Vinicola Decordi: Produzione Controllata - Controlled Production
Those who have seen it in action can confirm that the system utilized at Motta Baluffi is as imposing as it is efficient and precise.
The entire production process is automated: from the entrance of a pallet of empty bottles to the release of the finished, packaged product on pallets ready for storage or shipment. Nothing evades the double-checking of the machinery and of the specialized technicians. Every moment of production is controlled in detail and is completely traceable.
With the objective of reconciling quality, hygiene and security, the Decordi Winery has furnished its Motta Baluffi facility with a highly-innovative, sterile bottling line. The wine undergoes a micro-filtering process which guarantees its hygiene without altering the flavour. The empty bottles are subjected to a double macerating process which guarantees their complete sterilization and before being filled they are subjected to an additional automatic check for the presence of objects within.
The automatic control carried out by the production-line machinery is integrated by the supervision of specialized technicians who, through sampling, perform additional product verifications.

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